Our Philosophy

Fish oil capsules imageAres Health is being owned and managed by Timothy Y. Hinds. I have been in the business of selling supplements for 10 years now. For the past 5 years, I concentrate on offering omega 3 fish oils. Why? Well, for one, I know for myself that it does a positive effect on my body. I have observed I do not get depressed a lot. My mood and memory have improved. These just a few of the effects being manifested after months of taking fish oils.

With this, I want other people to experience what I have experienced as well. Getting the same benefits as I did will make you and other people’s lives a lot better. Your health will definitely improve in ways you can never imagine. The thing with fish oil is that you can see obvious results few months you have been taking it in.

If you want to get the same results I did, then you do need to start adding fish oil to your daily diet. This is a must especially if you want to keep yourself healthy for the next 10, 20, or 30 years of your life. You will see improvement in your health for sure!

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